The Wealthiest World Leaders [infographic]

Being a world leader could probably be considered as one of the most important jobs ever – a role laden with an incredible amount of fame, fortunate and responsibility. But what exactly is the net worth of leaders and how do they compare to other countries around the world?

From royalty and presidents, to mayors and prime ministers, the number of incredibly rich leaders is on the rise. In Russia for example – a country renowned for a growing number of billionaires – there are three senators with a collective net worth of $25 billion! The former prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has a net worth of $9.4 billion and the richest leader in the world is Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia with a whopping $21.5 billion net worth.

In other countries such as France, it is not François Hollande (the president) who is the richest statesman, but rather Serge Dassault, a senator with an estimated worth of $9.9 billion! However, in some African countries, such as Zimbabwe and Nigeria, the richest statesmen are also the leaders of the country.

richest world leaders infographics

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